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For this reason, Ambris Dauphin received 4 playing bans just for checking Moy

For this reason, Ambris Dauphin received 4 playing bans just for checking Moy

Ambris Laurent Dauphin checks in on Rappi’s Tyler Moy joining the gang.Photo: screenshot

October 23, 2023 at 12:04 pmOctober 23, 2023 at 12:33 pm

Adrian Burgler
Adrian Burgler

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Embry forward Laurent Dauphin’s check on Lakers’ leading scorer Tyler Moye has hockey minds on fire. In Friday’s match, Dauphin attacked Moy with a check near the boards, jumped off the boards, made a kicking move with his knee, hit his opponent in the neck area with the stick and pushed him into the boards.

Aggressive examination It even made headlines in Montreal. Dauphine played for the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL during the 2021-22 season. The consensus in Switzerland quickly became clear: the Dauphin should be suspended for a long time for this dangerous act.

The ruling was issued on Monday morning. Laurent Dauphin must be suspended for four matches and pay a fine of 5,400 francs (including procedural costs). Dauphin has already been hit with one of those suspensions due to a temporary suspension on Saturday. According to reactions on social media, the ruling was met with incomprehension, with most people finding it too mild.

The reason for the four-match suspension is the category of violation required. The Player Safety Officer (PSO) recommended a Category Two penalty for the solo referee, which the judge stuck to. As interpreted by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF), Category 2 is used for “fairly severe cases” and allows for a suspension of two to four games. Within this category, the Dauphin received the maximum possible ban.

This is how the Political Security Service evaluated the Dauphin case.

But the question is permissible: Is the third, higher category deserved in this case? This is according to the SIHF website “For severe cases with cluster or special qualifying features.” Single Judge Karl Knopf could have made such an upgrade and This has already been done in the past. He describes this in his ruling against Dauphine as follows: “If qualifying features accumulate or there is intent, the check will be classified in Category III (5 or more gaming bans).”

Have qualifications increased? Here too we leave it to the single judge to have his say: “The accused committed all the mistakes he could have committed. Checking at a dangerous distance from the boards, he jumps and checks with the stick held crosswise rather than over his shoulder. In contrast to the Political Security Service The single judge finds that the caning was not on Moi’s neck area, but on his shoulder. However, he also writes: “It can only be attributed to a lucky coincidence that Moi was not injured in this action” and “We do not want to see such frustration or suicidal actions on the ice.”

And the decision? Dauphin’s opinion is also recorded in the single judge’s judgment. Embry’s attacker wrote that he “allowed himself to be drawn into an unacceptable act” and was guided by emotions. He regrets the mistake and is happy that Moi was able to continue playing. Based on these words, one can certainly attest that Al-Kindi had a certain amount of intent.

However, the single judge decided to leave it as a category two offence. He justifies this by the accused’s “sincere remorse” and that he did not embellish anything and apologized sincerely. However, it is unlikely that there will be an appeal from Rapperswil. The Lakers agreed to the Class II offense requested by the PSO.

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