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Flights from Munich and Zurich: this is what the luxurious Airbus A319 from Beyond looks like

Flights from Munich and Zurich: this is what the luxurious Airbus A319 from Beyond looks like

It once flew as a budget aircraft for Sundair, but now the Airbus A319 gets a cabin and livery from Beond. In addition to Munich, Zurich and Riyadh, the new airline announced two other destinations that it will connect to the Maldives.

He used to fly to Sundair in pure economy seats of 150. Now startup Beond has converted and repainted an Airbus A319 with serial number 2119. The plane has just 44 seats, all of which are convertible into lie-flat beds.

The airline does not talk about business class because it does not target business travelers, but rather wealthy people who want to vacation in the Maldives. It is scheduled to depart on November 9 from Male to Riyadh, on November 15 to Munich, and on November 17 to Zurich, each with two weekly flights.

As well as Milan and Dubai

What became known only on Wednesday (October 11): Beond will also connect Milan and Dubai World Central Airport with Male from the end of March 2024. The refueling stop required for flights from Europe to the Maldives will also take place in Dubai. Riyadh was scheduled to do this before, but now Beyond has secured premises in Dubai.

The stop is necessary because the airline begins its routes with the A319 and not, as originally planned, only when the Airbus A321 LR arrives. At a press conference on Wednesday (October 11), airline president Tero Taskila said the decision was made because there was high demand from tour operators for an early launch, while the A321 LR was experiencing delays due to supply chain issues.

Beyond: Dubai’s network of routes initially functions only as a refueling station, and then as a destination as well. Image: Beyond

Take off with just one plane

When asked how the refueling station fits into Beyond’s claim to luxury, Taskela said: “This is still the fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Europe to the Maldives.” Once you have the necessary planes, you can fly non-stop.

The president of the airline, Taskila, did not reveal the arrival date of the next plane. When asked about it, he simply said that it would be ready “in a few months.” Beond plans to use the Airbus A321 Ceo and from 2024 also the A321 LR and later the A321 XLR.

Tablets but no WiFi

Maldives Airlines also announced that passengers will receive tablets for in-flight entertainment upon request. However, there is no WiFi at the moment.

In the photo gallery above you can see the A319 from Beyond. Clicking on the image opens the gallery in large format.