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“Bank like Switzerland”: UBS campaign, made in Berlin

“Bank like Switzerland”: UBS campaign, made in Berlin

UBS creates a mood in the country. “Bank like Switzerland” is the slogan of their major two-week campaign.

This comes from the pen German Fraser Agency. The creative minds behind the logo and production are based at Fraser’s headquarters in the German capital.

That Fraser has one in the summer Branch in Zurich Open The entire ad appearance does not matter under “Bank like SwitzerlandAccording to a source, it is controlled from Berlin.

UBS has made mission its new business card.

from Home Freezer It opens, which corresponds to the three keys in the logo of the multinational financial company.

Also the new global communications and branding partner, ProphetIt does not come from the Swiss homeland, but from the United States of America.

The important London branch of the Prophet is in charge of UBS.

We are Switzerland – made by foreign countries.

“Thoughtful, conservative and rational” (UBS; Youtube)

The themes and films feel correspondingly artificial. Smooth and professional – but no nonsense.

UBS Top Shot Marsha Askins is responsible for the new look. The Group Head of Communications and Brand comes from the USA.

Askins ticks like Anglo-Saxon. This is clearly evident in the current campaign – and in the additions and departures of its leadership team.

The Anglo-Saxons are favoured, while the Europeans are left behind.

UBS makes American: M. Askins (LinkedIn)

Johan Jervo, Danish Since 10 years who became global head of marketing at UBS, left the financial carrier this summer.

He was a thorn in Askins’ side.

The top communications lady saw Gervo as an internal competitor.

I replaced the northern Askins with one of my own: John MacDonald of MasterCard.

It was eliminated after 10 years (J. Jervoe; LinkedIn)

With McDonald, whom she appointed as the new CMO at the end of 2022, Askins has finally been able to put the desired stamp on UBS.

MacDonald, an Englishman, ousted long-time UBS global partner Publicis from France. Instead, the Prophet’s group received the lucrative mandate.

Everything is American and British instead of French and Swiss.

But there is a lot of hype about Swiss values.