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“They jumped higher than goats”: A flock of sheep eats the entire cannabis crop

“They jumped higher than goats”: A flock of sheep eats the entire cannabis crop

A flock of sheep and some goats drink in a river in Thessaly, Greece.

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Soon a flock of hungry sheep helped themselves to a hemp farm and descended into a mass frenzy. The strange report coming from Greece has a serious background.

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  • A flock of hungry sheep prey on their shepherd’s hemp crop in Thessaly, Greece.
  • As the shepherd mentioned, the animals behaved strangely and jumped higher than his goats.
  • Thessaly has been hit by devastating extreme weather this year.
  • First, there was heat and drought, then Storm Daniel brought heavy rains and flooding.

Greek shepherd Boronis was astonished to find his flock: the animals behaved strangely, appeared dazed – and jumped higher than goats.

At first he doesn’t understand what it’s all about. However, he soon discovers that the sheep had previously broken into his greenhouse, where the shepherd grows medical cannabis.

the astonished owner told the Greek news site Later, his crop was badly damaged by the heatwave and Storm Daniel – and the sheep ate “what was left.”

The herd had previously grazed on the flooded plains of Thessaly in central Greece before migrating to a greenhouse near the city of Almyros. There the animals ended up eating about 100 kilograms of cannabis.

The shepherd looked depressed: “I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. We went through a heatwave and lost a lot of production. “We went through floods and now we have lost almost everything.”