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Final Fantasy VII: Part 3 of the remake may be coming sooner than expected

Final Fantasy VII: Part 3 of the remake may be coming sooner than expected

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth was released at the end of February, but the remake's saga is far from over. This time the final third part may reach us a little earlier than previously expected.

Square Enix took a comprehensive approach to the remake of the JRPG saga Final Fantasy VII and only released the sequel after the remake with Rebirth a few weeks ago. However, the game's story has not yet been told, as the third part of the remake (yet to be named) is to continue and complete the plot. We may not have to wait as long as we did in the first two parts of the game.

As a reminder: Final Fantasy VII Remake took about five years from its announcement date to its actual release. In the case of the sequel, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, it's been another four years – a time frame we can now salvage. This comes from the latest version of Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Outside.

Twitter– User Audrey translated excerpts from this issue; Producer Yoshinori Kitase explained this in more detail there. According to him, the development time for Rebirth was actually only three years because one year was spent developing the DLC pack. In this context, he reiterates that he hopes to be able to respect this time frame for the third part.

If Square Enix can manage this, the final part of the remake trilogy will be available sometime in 2027 – faster than the previous two parts. Square Enix could also benefit from the ability to use the same open game world map, to which only new locations are added.

The fact that creative director Tetsuya Nomura has stated that he wants to begin voice recordings for Part 3 in the near future also fits with the overall faster timeline. Producer Kitase also suggested an idea on how to incorporate “something very important” into the third part that was not included in the original game. And: According to Nomura, the same team will be used for further work, which will fundamentally speed up the work.

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