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Best hip bags for festivals, hiking or…

Best hip bags for festivals, hiking or…

Summer is right around the corner and that means festivals, travel and lots of time outdoors! All of these activities have one thing in common: you want to set off with as little luggage as possible. The following applies to both touring and festivals: the less weight and mass, the better.

For a long time, fanny packs were considered uncool and inelegant. But this has changed in recent years and fanny packs are back in fashion. This is very fortunate, because fanny packs are not only the perfect fashion accessory, but they are also very practical and in many cases safer than a backpack or shoulder bag. In addition to the large front compartment, most backpacks also offer a smaller compartment that lies directly on the stomach and protects your valuables well from thieves and thieves.

We've rounded up the most practical and stylish bags for you so nothing gets in the way of your summer fun!


Do you give great importance to style and do you also like things to be colorful? Then the Fjällräven Rectangular Belt Bag is the right choice for you. It comes in seven different colors and is made from 100 percent recycled nylon. Thanks to the zippered pocket on the front and back, all your valuables are stored safely and you can always find your keys right away using the key clip located in the main compartment. With the Fjällräven fanny pack you also have the option of slinging it around your shoulder with the 110cm long shoulder strap. Therefore, it easily adapts to any outfit.


The Osprey Seral Belt Pack is perfect for outdoor adventures. Features an AirScape back panel that fits close to the body and provides maximum stability. It is also equipped with a hydration bladder chamber, hose and bite valve. This means that you can easily quench your thirst even during long trips without having to stop and search in your large backpack. With this bum bag you are well equipped everywhere.


If you value compact size and privacy, the Cocoon Secret Waist Wallet is the right choice for you. It's thin and fits close to the body, so you can easily hide it under your clothes. The front pocket is also RFID secure, meaning your credit cards and smartphone are protected from unwanted wireless intruders. With this bag, your wallet, cell phone and passport stay safe.


Is appearance as important to you as function? The Herschel Pop Quiz Bag offers you both. In elegant pink, dark green or black, this bag matches any of your outfits and provides you enough space for your most important valuables with two compartments. The trapezoidal shape also sets it apart from other fanny packs and makes it a trendy idea – perfect for your next festival!


In a spacious main compartment and a narrow front compartment, you can store everything you need on the go in this hip pack from Dakine. The adjustable hip belt (circumference up to 124 cm) ensures that the bag adapts to you perfectly and that you are always well equipped. The bag is also made from recycled raw materials and is therefore environmentally friendly, as it was not necessary to obtain new raw materials at great expense.