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The developer suggests tipping when games are particularly good

The developer suggests tipping when games are particularly good

A former Blizzard employee floats the idea of ​​offering a tip when games are particularly impressive or exceed expectations. He would like there to be a way for players to give the developer special recognition afterwards.

Everything is usually paid for when you buy a game, and it's best if the developer delivers a perfect product. Additional income can be generated through downloadable content (DLC) or subsequent microtransactions, but the player gets something in return. Former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra would like a small donation on a voluntary basis without any additional effort.

Players should have a tipping option

This beats Ybarra by one Tweet on X However, this should not be understood as a requirement, but simply as an idea, as it also exists in other industries. There Ybarra writes:

“As a gamer, I've been thinking about this idea for a while, as I've been playing more single-player games lately. When I finish a game, some of them leave me in awe of how great the experience is. At the end of the game I often think, 'I wish I could Than gave these people another $10 or $20 because it was worth more than the initial $70 and they weren't trying to take advantage of me every second.”

Just an idea, not a condition

Ybarra knows that gaming prices are now very high, but he says maybe there should be tipping options that are completely specific to the player. But he also knows that this idea will not necessarily gain universal approval, which is why the whole thing should be understood as just an idea.

“I know most people wouldn't like this idea. 🙂 By the way, I realize we're tired of 'tipping' on everything else – but I see this differently than the pressure-to-tip scenario that many face that results in them giving feedback.

There are actually options for developers to generate more revenue without putting in much effort. There are often upgrades to games that unlock already existing content in one way or another. This can also be understood as advice.

What do you think about this idea? Fair point or a bit bold?