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Fashion at the 2021 Olympics – USA chooses Kardashian underwear, Italy faces Armenia

America chooses Kardashian underwear, Italy faced Armani

Swedes switch to Japanese

The supplier is more surprised than the collection: Sweden relies on Uniclo.

The straw of the Americans

With a built-in cooling system: Americans will not break a sweat at the opening ceremony.

The Japanese are as new as ever

Tribute to the 1964 Tokyo Games: The Japanese march in white and red.

Russia deceives everyone

Who do you think will appear in these colors?  Exactly, Russia.

Liberia’s uniform is already packed

Exciting Magazine: Liberia Olympic Gallery, designed by Delfer Clemens (left).

Canadians were harshly critical

Beautiful is probably different: Canadian denim jackets are not well received.

Who else but him to Italy?

With detailed love: Giorgio Armani's costumes (center) should also bring good luck to the Italian Olympians.

Switzerland is back home

Subtle shades of red: this is the Swiss Olympic collection.

What about Tonga?

The main thing is that the upper body shines: Pita Tau Badofua at the opening ceremony in Pyongyang three years ago.