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Crazy weather – America is on fire, Germany and China are under water

The weather around the world is frantic: in China, cars are driven by water, and in the United States and Russia the forests are burning brightly.

Brief essentials

  • The United States and Russia are currently fighting a wildfire season.
  • However, the risk is different in Germany and China: flooding.
  • The floods have so far killed 33 people in China and 172 in Germany.

There is a fire in the United States and Russia, and in Germany and China it never rains. The weather around the world is crazy right now.

In China, the storm caused great flooding: in the Chinese province of Henan, the streets were actually turned into deadly streams.

Twitter videos show horror films

Officials are in Zhengzhou province and its capital, as announced Thursday At least 33 people Lost his life. Also, at least eight people are still missing. Since last Friday, 376,000 people had to be brought to safety.

Videos are in motion Twitter Show the horror that rain brings. For example, in a video you see them stuck in a car while a river flows over them.

The others were undergroundPan Locked. Water flowed in and out of the groundPan Slowly filled with water.

And in Germany Requested FloodMultiple crashes: According to initial findings, at least 172 people were killed in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The missing are still numerous.

Also Deutsche Pan Has suffered some damage: Seven extensions have to go Flood To be rebuilt. The damage so far is 1.3 billion Euro Estimated. The horror is not over yet – new heavy rain is expected in many places this weekend.

The weather is also frantic in the United States and Russia

In the United States and Russia, on the other hand, the situation is slightly different. Both countries are currently fighting Wild fire-Season.

In the United States, thick clouds of smoke from the northwest cover the sky over New York. The city is 4,000 kilometers from the fire. Seeing the intense heat and strong winds, the situation is still a long way off.

The fire is spreading to the state of Oregon. The Fire So far it has reached an area of ​​almost 1500 square kilometers.

Meanwhile, Russia is also fighting the flames. In the Siberian region of Yakutia, more than 200 wildfires are currently spreading over millions of hectares. In addition to the flames, the people of Russia also suffer from toxic smoking. That is why people are advised to wear masks and close the windows and doors of their homes.

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