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Wildfires in the United States: The fire department pays through the firewall in Nevada

Scenes of firefighters from the United States. A fire engine goes through a roaring wildfire, on a dirt road in the desert. The video of the fire brigade was released without sound. It looks like Revelation.

The so-called Tamarak fire is raging on the border between the states of California and Nevada in the western United States. It was one of dozens of devastating wildfires that began in the United States, primarily in the north and west. New ones are added almost every day.

Authorities believe the lotus fire was triggered by a lightning strike. Severe heat waves and drought started this year’s fire season earlier than usual. Thousands of firefighters have been deployed across the country.

Sometimes tiny sparks are enough to burn Bush Island, which erupts without rainfall after weeks of recorded temperatures. Wildfires have already destroyed hundreds of square kilometers of forest. Thousands of people had to leave their homes.

Valerie Odai, Volunteer Assistant
“I was on the mountain yesterday, and I could see the disaster – and the grief of the people who return to the homes they lived in for the rest of their lives. They actually built it with their own hands, and now it’s gone.”

Smoke from a fire in the western United States darkens the sky over New York on the east coast 4,000 kilometers away. Meanwhile, the fire department in California is trying to use a special train to protect railroads from rapidly spreading fires. They are watering the tracks and surrounding areas. At the very least, the best possible: the water jet only reaches a good 20 meters.