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Farmer Hans snatches Olga, Lady Farmer Karl

In love with Olga Karl?

Farmer Hans kidnaps the lady-in-waiting from his rival

Jack of all trades Hans of “farmer, bachelor, looking for…” didn’t find much love during his farm week. But the grass appears to be greener on the other side of the fence. Indeed, the graceful farmer was courting the lady of the farmer Karl, Olga.


Farmer Hans ended his farm week without butterflies in his stomach.

Farmer Hans, 67, has already finished his farm week. The farmer, who seems to have hired the good mood for himself, did not find much love in the waiting Lady of Paya (63). But, as the energetic pensioner revealed in an interview with Blick, his participation in “Bauer, single, sucht …” was crowned with success.

“It was at the meeting with the other peasants and the waiting ladies. It was the men’s turn on Saturday, and the ladies were waiting on Sunday. But some, including Olga, the waiting lady of Karl, were there the day before.”