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Big criticism because of her monogram tiara

Big criticism because of her monogram tiara

Meghan Markle is under fire again, now for her monogram with a tiara. The expert is sure that she uses them only to show off.


The basics in brief

  • Meghan Markle’s monogram is a gold letter M with a crown.
  • She was criticized for this, after Royal Aus, you should not use the code.
  • A royal expert says: It’s just to show off.

I got worried first Monogram of King Charles (73) For trouble, now trouble for Meghan Markle (41). The former American actress uses a symbol that critics say you shouldn’t use anymore: the crown.

Meghan sent a thank you card to author Alison Yarrow Appearing on the podcast “Originals”who is this Instagram subscriber. Above the handwritten letter is Megan’s monogram: a golden letter M with a crown. and upon him People are upset in London.

“She only uses the crown even though it’s pulled away,” royal expert Angela Levine told The Sun. Meghan Markle doesn’t want to be inside, she doesn’t want to go out. “She wants to do exactly what she wants.” The royal dropout must not use the crown.

Levine thinks he knows why Meghan keeps using the tiara: “Because it gives her prestige, that’s why Stick to the titles. People would think more of her if she had the title and used the crown. He’s “a wonderful little political aide,” Levin said. But the royal expert says: “It’s just to show off.”

She continues to defend against Meghan Markle: Die the Royal family She would have made her “one of the most famous and incredibly wealthy women, given her husband who adored her”. However, Megan shows “not the slightest amount of gratitude”.

Do you think criticism of the crown on Megan’s monogram is justified?

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