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“Far From” Exiting US Primaries

“Far From” Exiting US Primaries

“I'm far from it,” the former South Carolina governor said during a speech in his home state on Tuesday. “Going out was the easy way out. I've never taken the easy way out. Every race I've won, I've been behind.

South Carolina's next Republican primary is Saturday. So far, voting has taken place in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada – all of which former US President Donald Trump won by large margins.

“The cheerleaders in the world of political elites, party bosses, commentators,” the race is already over in Iowa, Haley insisted: “Only three states voted, three.” She will “fight until the American people close the door. That day shall not be today nor Saturday; not yet. The primaries for the presidential election have just begun.

Many Republicans who have openly supported Trump are secretly afraid of him, Haley said. He knew what was the disaster for the party but did not say it out loud. “I'm not afraid to tell the hard truth. I don't need to kiss the ring.”