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Fans feel 'cheated' after posting

Fans feel 'cheated' after posting

Christa Rigozzi was shocked. But what happened? Only she knows. The former miss would rather go back to business as usual.

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Instagram – Christa Rigosi explained in this video that “something bad” had happened. Only she knows exactly what.

The basics in a nutshell

  • Christa Rigosi was voted the most beautiful woman in the country in 2006.
  • Today she is a successful broadcaster.
  • She recently had her fans worried because “something bad” happened.
  • She still hasn't explained what exactly is going on.
  • An acquaintance talks about the break-in of a former beauty queen.

Dear Christa Rigozzi, What's the bad thing that happened over Christmas?

About 56,400 followers asked themselves this question a few days ago. And maybe a few people in Switzerland.

REVIEW: On January 9, former Miss Switzerland Rigosi (40, elected in 2006) uploaded a shocking video to her social media profile.

While Christa Rigozzi was out in the snow with her family, something bad happened at home. -Instagram/christarigozzi

The presenter sat depressed in front of the camera and said that she and her family are currently suffering. “Something bad happened,” she said. “It hit our whole family hard.”

Christa Rigozzi did not provide any further details. Even today!

Christa Rigosi has reportedly been subjected to a break-in

According to Christa's environment, the former Miss Switzerland's villa in Monte Carasso ti was broken into. The break-in happened around Christmas time.

Christa Rigozzi was on a skiing holiday in Zermatt VS with Giovanni Marchese and twins Alyssa and Zoe (7).

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Instagram/@christarigozzi – The Rigozzi twins learn to skate.

“I need a break. I need time to digest all this,” she says, but adds: “When the right moment comes, I will tell you what happened to us.”

Ah yes. It looks like the media break has been over since yesterday. Christa Rigosi has returned to her Instagram profile.

Christa Rigozzi is back on Instagram. – Instagram / @christarigozzi

your letter? A story in which you ask: “Hi everyone. How was your week? I wish you the best.”

What really happened to Krista?

I'm sorry, what? A few days ago, it seemed that the former Miss World's world had been completely turned upside down. And now she returns to her daily work?

“I think Mrs. Rigosi made a mistake. “Your popularity may decline quickly,” one fan complained in the comments.

Opinion poll

Are you worried about Christa Rigosi?

This does not appear to be the case. Because Rigozzi's follower numbers skyrocketed on Instagram after the video. About 2,400 followers in a few hours.

However: The supervisor must be careful not to exaggerate. Expert Fabian Blass is of opinion.

The head of Swiss influencer agency Kingfluencers has this to say about Rigozzi's latest post.

Fabian Bloss from the successful influencer agency “Kingfluencers”. – Screenshot/Influencers

“Krista's post is sure to anger one or two followers. She doesn't revisit the dramatic topic from a few days ago. So the fans are still worried.”

“After your current post, people feel cheated. Christa Rigosi has to solve the mystery in a few weeks.

But the expert also issues a warning. “If the event had been trivial at the time, the negative reactions would have increased. Your credibility will decline.”

However: from a PR perspective, the former most beautiful woman in the country is doing everything right. “She really does a great job there. She stays in the conversation. Everyone wants to know what happened.”

“But the pressure to provide an answer is growing,” Fabian Blos tells