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Highest Earner: Queen Mary leaves Máxima and Letizia behind

Highest Earner: Queen Mary leaves Máxima and Letizia behind

King Frederick


Queen Mary of Denmark has been doing well since taking the throne. Not only is she very popular with people, but she can also look forward to a big bank account: Mary is one of the highest-paid royal women in Europe.

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  • She won the hearts of Danes with a heartfelt kiss in Sunday's ad.
  • Queen Marie of Denmark has every reason to be in a good mood. Since changing the throne, the Australian native has become the highest-paid royal in Europe.
  • When it comes to money, it leaves Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Queen Letizia of Spain far behind.

Queen Mary appeared in white and beaming with joy as she was handed the throne on Sunday in Copenhagen.

Numerous reactions from people show that King Frederik X and Queen Mary are popular with the Danish people.

The Queen Mary has every reason to feel good.

In addition to this, she is also doing well financially. What's more: she tops the list of the highest-paid royals in Europe. She even left Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Queen Letizia of Spain behind.

Twelve million tax dollars for Frederick and Mary

The Danish royal family is participating, according to the Spanish daily newspaper «Lectures» Twelve million in tax money.

The majority of these millions go to King Frederick X and up to 30 percent to Queen Mary.

This makes her the highest paid queen in Europe. The Spanish newspaper researched that Queen Máxima of the Netherlands receives 411,000 euros annually, while Queen Letizia of Spain receives 148,105 euros.

No other large expenses awaited Frederick, Mary, and their four children. After handing over the throne, they will continue to reside in Frederick VIII's 45,000 square meter royal palace in Copenhagen. Ten years ago the residence was renovated for 30 million euros.

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