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Factory photo of Tesla Model Y talks close to the start of Giga Texas >

The original photo could only be seen for a few hours, but it was enough for the curiosity to copy it several times and make it available elsewhere on the Internet: Late Friday, an Instagram user dubbed “Tesla Giga Texas” pointed to a photo of Model Y in Factory setting. Books “Building the Future”. It was widely understood that this was the first time a completed Model Y could be seen from the Gigafactory in Texas, which was partially still under construction.

Black Model Y in white factory

While the formerly started Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin has almost completely shut off the outer walls for a long time, there are still some steel frames found in Texas – part of it Recently apparently disguised as an electronic truck profile. But unlike the German factory, this one is for not only the Model Y, but also the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. The crossover electric vehicle production area can already be ready.

This is supported not only by the Instagram photo, but also, according to YouTube channel Tailosive EV, the assessment of local observers of Gigafactoy Texas, collectively referred to as Quad Squad. I was previously informed that production of the prototype is about to begin. Meanwhile, the alleged inside photo of the first Model Y on Instagram was quickly deleted. But it can be seen in the video and has also been shared on Twitter several times.


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It shows or shows from the front a black Tesla Model Y in a brightly lit factory with plenty of red and white production facilities. Another Y pattern appears to be standing on a line in the background and another behind it. The Tailosive EV was primarily selected based on 19-inch rims as the long-range alternative. If the image is original, you can at least say that the Gigafactory in Texas is wide enough to build a full Model Y, the broker comments.

Tesla with Plan B for 4,680 cells

Following more rumors from Tesla watchers on site and on Twitter, Tesla aims to begin production of the Model Y series at the new US plant in October. In all likelihood, contrary to what was initially planned, he will not come here yet 4,680 batteries developed by Tesla as part of the car’s chassis to use. There is a traditional backup plan for this, CEO Elon Musk said at the end of July. This Plan B is currently expected to be initially used in both Texas and the German Gigafactory because there are not enough 4,680 cells for the Model Y.