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US media reports: Amazon appears to want to open department stores

US media reports: Amazon appears to want to open department stores

Status: 08/19/2021 9:40 PM

Amazon is synonymous with online trading for many. But the group now wants to open department stores, according to a media report. Accordingly, clothes, technology and household goods will be sold there.

According to a media report, the world’s largest online retailer Amazon wants to open bigger department store-style stores. The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, wrote that the first branches will start in California and Ohio. However, Amazon did not want to confirm this when asked.

clothing and technology

However, such a progress would not be a complete surprise. Amazon may have originated as a seller of everything online, but it’s also been rocking traditional retail for a number of years. Founded in 1994 by star entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, the group operates grocery chains under brands like Amazon Fresh and Amazon-4-Star and also has smaller stores for books and other products. Amazon also owns the US supermarket chain Whole Foods.

With larger stores, Amazon can also put its clothing, homeware and technology offerings offline. Amazon recently became the largest seller of clothing in the United States. According to Wells Fargo, the group has bypassed the Walmart chain of stores here. In addition, the return of goods in stores must also be dealt with.

Smaller than average stores

According to the “Wall Street Journal,” branches of about 2,800 square meters will be much larger than previous Amazon retail stores, but much smaller than the average supermarket in the United States. The report did not include any specific information on the timetable.

With information from Marcus Schuller, ARD Studio Los Angeles

Amazon wants to open department stores in the USA

Marcus Schuller, ARD Los Angeles, August 19, 2021, 9:09 p.m.