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Everlast Volvo EX30 Customs: Niels van Rooij explains the E-SUV

Everlast Volvo EX30 Customs: Niels van Rooij explains the E-SUV

Dutchman Niels van Rooij is a true jack of all trades when it comes to cars. In addition to his own design and coachbuilding studio, he serves Land Rover customers through Heritage Customs. Everlast Customs is a brand new addition to the empire – the tuning department that will take care of the Scandinavian models.

Sport or off-road

The first offering from Everlast Customs is all about the Volvo EX30, for which the Dutch are offering two basic concepts. In the Sport version, the electric SUV has side panels and bumpers painted in the vehicle color. Bright orange body details provide colorful accents. Different 21-inch light alloy wheels can be combined. There is always a significant drop on board.

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Volvo EX30 electric SUV
Very small and actually electric

Anyone who opts for the EX30 in Outland Edition trim will see their electric SUV equipped with 19-inch light-alloy wheels with tough off-road tires. The off-road look is emphasized by a higher body in this case. To match the standard black body parts, Everlast Customs offers additional black elements front and rear. The Outland essentially anticipates the EX30 Cross Country, which Volvo itself has already announced.

Both EX30 versions can be ordered as complete versions for an additional fee of around €9,500. Naturally, all package contents are also available individually. Niels van Rooij and his team don't dare try electric motors either.


Dutch designer Niels van Rooij is introducing the first conversion packages for the Volvo EX30 electric SUV through his new tuning company Everlast Customs. Around €9,500 for a little paint and new rims seems like a lot. In return, customers receive a real Van Roeg.

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