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Eurovision Song Contest 65 - Italy wins ESC - Switzerland 3rd place - news

Eurovision Song Contest 65 – Italy wins ESC – Switzerland 3rd place – news

  • Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest 65. The charming rock band Måneskin got the most points with the song “Zitti e buoni”.
  • Swiss actor Gjon Tears convinced the jury and the public with his song “Tout l’univers” and came in third.
  • 26 countries competed with each other on Saturday evening, in front of some 3,500 spectators. They all tested negative for coronavirus.

The winning track “Zitti e buoni” is a vital rock contribution live largely from the voice of front singer Damiano David. Translated, the title of the band’s song from Rome is “Quiet and Good”. The text is not about bowing to conventions, but about being outrageous and different from others. Since guitarist Victoria comes from Denmark, the group has chosen the Danish word for moonlight as the band’s name: Måneskin.

Switzerland is in the lead after the jury vote

Tears of Swiss Gjon may be hoping for a win until the end. According to the jury vote, which was announced at first, he was ahead. But the crowd vote jumped Italy to first place, and France also overtook Switzerland.

According to bets, a Freiburg resident could have made the top five with “Tout l’univers”. He had great ambitions: the singer said in advance that he wanted to achieve at least a place in the top three.

2019 surpassed success

During his performance, Tears of Jeon, who qualified for the finals last Thursday, contemplated his closest circle. “I remember there are a lot of people watching and loving me. You have to especially love my look,” he told SRF before appearing.

This is how Switzerland surpassed the success of 2019. Bernese singer Luca Hanne reached fourth place with his fiery dance number “She Got Me”.