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Successful conclusion: Sturm won in Wolfsburg and finished third – the German Bundesliga

On the tenth and final day of the match, Tepico met the Bundesliga in a “group of champions”, and RZ Pellets WAC On it SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz. There was a very entertaining gathering in front of 3000 spectators. At first the game was well balanced. But with Wolfsberger sacked in the 28th minute, the Styrians took over more and more. The Wolves took the initiative, but in the end the storm was no match for them. Which means that Sturm is present at the conference or the Euroleague. WAC must work overtime, against Hartberg or Austria as they are on the verge of getting their last EC ticket.

Sturmobil Borje

(Due to the strong performance in the second half, Sturm Graz im Lavantal can bring all three points along with the credit)

Wolfsburg scores with one player less

At the end of the season, for the first time in front of the spectators, the two teams still had the opportunity to improve themselves in the schedule. Accordingly, she deals with the matter with an open eyebrow. From the start, the ‘Derby Pack’ has evolved very quickly. Both defensive sections behave flawlessly, so dire goal-area sights are missing for the time being. Then comes the 27th minute: Kuen and Yeboah give the big chances down to 0: 1. With the next action comes a bitter mistake from Rocher on Gazi Izbegovic. There were only ten Wolfsbergers left. In the majority, Ljubic Cotten is put to the test. The 36th minute: A relief attack from the home side, in the end Yoviljic was the one who hit the skin 1-0 in the corner. With this result, he goes to the end of the first half.

The storm now increases the number of strokes

Will Ilzer be able to take advantage of their hilarious edge in the second round? The “wolves”, taking fourth place before their very eyes, throw whatever is available into the scale. Then comes the 54th minute: Quinn with a sharp cross, which Scherzer encouraged to equalize 1: 1 on his own goal. 59th minute: Kuttin cannot hold Kiteishvili’s head, Yeboah is there and discerns 1: 2. Which later pushes the Stary men off their path. 67th minute: Yeboah is having a lot of fun with the WAC defense almost entirely – new score: 1: 3. Which was something like a preliminary decision. Outnumbered, WAC was no longer able to grab Sturm from the Trumpets. The 80th minute: Novak’s handball in the penalty area – A Ballaj penalty kick can be blocked by goalkeeper Kotten – Final score: 1: 3. The tournament ended 20/21. The first half of season 21/22 begins at the weekend From the 23rd to the 25th of July and ending on the 12th of December. The second half of the season will take place on February 11th.

Folsberger AC – SK Steam Graz 1: 3 (1: 0)

Lavanttal-Arena, 3000 scenes, SR: Markus Hameter (Lower Austria)

Wolfsberger: Kuttin, Scherzer, Novak, Liendl (69th Stratznig), Muharemovic, Leitgeb, Röcher, Schöfl, Wernitznig (74 Giorbelidze), Taferner (74th Jasic), Joveljić (69th Vizinger)

Sturm Graz: Siebenhandl, Gorenc-Stankovi, Nemeth, Gazibegović, Dante (55 Wüthrich), Kiteishvili, Jantscher (77th Hunter), Kuen (77 Huspek), Hierländer (71 Stückler), Ljubić, Yeboah (71st Balaj)

Goal sequence: 1: 0 (36. Joveljić), 1: 1 (54. Scherzer / ET), 1: 2 (59. Yeboah), 1: 3 (67. Yeboah)

Yellow Cards: Stary (Tr.), Leitgeb, Vizinger and Yeboah, Jantscher

Red Card: Rocher (28. WAC)

Strongest players: Novak, to answer bzw. Nemeth, Ljubic, Gazibegovic

Game sound:

So …

To the German League Live tape

The Illustrated Accreditation: Richard Burgstler

By: Ligaportal / Roo