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EU-US Summit: An important moment in Atlantic relations

The EU and the United States are connected by shared history and values. We have worked to ensure peace and prosperity for our own citizens and people around the world. Times of crisis have changed Europeans The Americans were behind each other.

Today we are at a crossroads, the foundations and values ​​of our communities are being questioned. In fact, it was the most important stage in Atlantic relations in a generation. Creating a “new EU-US agenda for global change” presented by the EU in December, next week’s EU-US summit calls on us to use our combined strengths, defend our common interests and take global leadership.

Collective action to tackle global challenges

Ending the Govt-19 epidemic and sustainable recovery are high on our shared priority list. The European Union has already mobilized $ 1.8 trillion in funding to push for a greener, more digital and better economy. The Biden administration completed a $ 1.9 trillion recovery plan in March. With these measures, both the EU and the United States can pursue a “better reconstruction”.

In the fight against viruses, the unique scientific capabilities of our federation in the development of vaccines have been demonstrated. Bioendech / Pfizer, the first vaccine approved by the European Union and the United States, is a joint venture between a European-American pharmaceutical company. We will donate millions of vaccines to low- and middle-income countries through the Kovacs initiative, and we will support the World Health Organization.

In a few months the UN. Through the climate conference, it is time to map out a comprehensive and ambitious Atlantic Green agenda. It starts with a general commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, and we want to move the world’s largest emitters sideways to take more rapid action. The decision by President Biden’s government to rejoin the Paris Agreement and set ambitious emissions reduction targets is a welcome step.

Creating an Atlantic economy for the future

Our economic relations address the vital interests and interests of both the European Union and the United States, and are an important source of prosperity, a driver of innovation and evidence of recession. Millions of good jobs have been created on both sides of the Atlantic, and our 780 million consumers have benefited from the world’s most lucrative global economy. However, our economies need more than financial incentives to go back.

Business irritability has always been there, but it is in our mutual interest to approach it with a cooperative attitude, keeping in mind that it is others who benefit from a split. Confidence in the World Trade Organization must be restored as the system seeks to reform.

Overcoming International Security Challenges

We are the largest human rights advocates in the world. We must be vigilant when defending democracy in our own country – including our commitment to social justice and racial and gender equality.

The European Union and the United States must join forces to confront the rise of dictatorship and the rise of human rights abuses and corruption. The most important argument for our citizens will be that democracy really works and that democracy and dictatorship will not be the solution if the economy can go back to overcoming the plague and helping our planet.

The European Union and the United States continue to be the world’s largest suppliers of security and peace. We are committed to doing our part in expanding our capabilities in the EU, thus complementing and strengthening each other with NATO, especially by establishing permanent structured cooperation. The United States and other close allies are already with us on this journey.

In connection with China Our attitudes towards competition are growing when this is inevitable. First The crisis in Ukraine In 2014, the European Union and the United States worked hand in hand on instability Of Russia Implement the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. If the concert is over, we are ready to impose sanctions where necessary. At the same time, if necessary and possible, we must seek cooperation with Moscow and continue to engage in matters that are in our best interest and the situation requires.

Finally, not least, the EU-US summit is an opportunity to jointly reaffirm our support for the rule-based multilateral order. We will work to strengthen and reform multilateral companies to ensure they meet the current challenges.

There is no illusion about the scale of the challenges we face. At the EU-US summit, we will deal with the Biden government on a simple principle: together we are strong.