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The G7 countries agree on concrete action on climate protection

According to the US government, a group of seven major industrialized nations has agreed on “concrete measures” to combat climate change.

The White House announced on Saturday that heads of state and government would meet with them G7-Giffel In Cornwall, south of the UK, to take action to curb government subsidies for fossil fuels such as coal. The United States, Germany, Great Britain and Canada also wanted up to two billion developing countries Dollar To expedite the exit from the coal.

The US announcement also said that the G7 group would coordinate its climate goals to “achieve” the goals set in the Paris Agreement, which would limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Climate protection is one of the central goals of the US President Joe BidenTo whom is this first G7-Giffel Since he took office.

G7 host Great Britain wants to use the conference to dedicate the seven leading Western economic powers to ambitious climate goals, following UN Climate conference It is set to be recognized globally in November in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition to Great Britain and the United States, the G7 countries include Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada. Further ME– Delegates attend a meeting in Cornwall.

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