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Escape from the Taliban: Great Britain takes football juniors

Great Britain A new home for young Afghan women. The 35 players missed the exit flight very sparingly.

Summarize the essentials

  • Afghanistan women’s football juniors get British visas.
  • They are now to be flown from Pakistan to London.
  • In August, they narrowly missed an exhaust flight to the UK.

Great Britain offers a new home for the Afghanistan youth football team and their families.

“We are working on obtaining visas for the Afghanistan women’s football team and look forward to welcoming you to the UK soon.” A government spokesman said this on Monday. 35 female footballers – most of them youngsters – missed out in August Under one of the British Exodus pilots In Kabul.

The British Foundation was in touch via video calls

With their families – about 130 in total – They fled to Pakistan, It should go to London soon. Islamabad issued a 30-day temporary visa to the soldiers.

Women would have been in Afghanistan after seizing power Taliban Seen in dangerous condition. This was explained by the British Foundation which helped the girls escape. “These young players, with whom we are in regular contact through video calls, are thrilled and relieved to be given a chance at their new careers in the UK,” it said in a statement.

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