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England. The British Prime Minister Johnson met with Johnson in Kiev.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, leaves 10 Downing Street. Photo: Alberto Pezzali / AP / dpa

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson traveled to Kiev, where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. This was announced by the British and Ukrainian parties on Saturday.

“Talks with President Zelenskyy have begun,” Andriy Sybiha, vice president of the Ukrainian presidential office, wrote on Facebook on Saturday. He also posted a photo of two politicians sitting opposite each other at a table. Earlier in the day, Zelensky welcomed Austrian President Carl Nehemiah.

A British government spokesman said: “Ukraine has gone to meet with Prime Minister Zhelensky in person to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.” The two wanted to discuss Britain’s long-standing support for Ukraine. Johnson wants to provide a new package of financial and military assistance. During President Olaf Scholes’ visit on Friday, the British Prime Minister announced that he would send more weapons worth 100 100 million (equivalent to about மில்லியன் 120 million) to Ukraine. Among them were aerial missiles from Starstream ground.

He also posted a photo of British Foreign Secretary Liz Dres Johnson and Jelensky on Twitter. Zelenskyy called Britain the “leader of security support for Ukraine.”

Ukraine has been under attack by neighboring Russia for the past six weeks. Kyiv is backed by the West with arms supplies. Anti-tank weapons come primarily from Great Britain. However, the Ukrainian leadership is interested in heavy engineering and, above all, anti-aircraft systems.

On Friday, a delegation led by EU Commission Chairman Ursula von der Leyen and EU Foreign Policy Leader Josep Borrell visited Kiev. As a sign of solidarity, European politicians also traveled to the suburbs of Pucha, where the bodies of hundreds of civilians were found last weekend. Ukraine blames Russian soldiers for atrocities Moscow denies it.