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England. Prince Harry is committed to protecting nature in Africa.

Archive – Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, cares deeply about community involvement. As president of the animal welfare organization African Parks, he travels to Rwanda to meet the president. Photo: Matt Dunham/Pool AP/dpa


Britain’s Prince Harry (37) met Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Monday who was on a trip to Africa. The Duke of Sussex is visiting the East African country because of his work as president of African Parks, an animal rights group that manages two national parks in Rwanda, Akagera and Nyungwe. Rwanda’s presidential office tweeted a photo of Harry standing next to Kagame in a safari suit. The prince also visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which commemorates the 1994 genocide that killed more than 800,000 people in just a few weeks.

Shortly before Harry’s visit to Rwanda, his father Prince Charles described the British government’s plans to send illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda as “terrifying,” according to reports in the British newspaper The Times. The European Court of Human Rights has so far banned flights to Rwanda.

Earlier, Harry toured the Mozambican coastal town of Zantelos and surrounding protected areas, including the popular tourist islands of the Pasaruto Archipelago, with a team of conservationists, philanthropists and US officials. The Duke had already visited the tiny country in South Africa in 2010. During that time, he donned a protective suit and mask and visited a mine in collaboration with the British-American organization Halo Trust. It was created to commemorate her late mother Princess Diana’s support of demining.