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Energy - Schwerin - The US government imposes new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 economy

Energy – Schwerin – The US government imposes new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 economy

Washington (AFP) – The US government has issued new sanctions in connection with the nearly completed German-Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced Friday that his latest report to the US Congress lists two Russian individuals or entities and a Russian ship involved in Nord Stream 2 in context. Blinken did not provide any information about who specifically the US punitive measures were directed against. The minister stressed that the new measures are in line with the US government’s continued opposition to the pipeline that will transport gas from Russia to Germany bypassing Ukraine.

In the year-long dispute over the project, the federal government and the administration of US President Joe Biden announced a breakthrough last month. They issued a joint statement pledging support for Ukraine. The USA criticized Nord Stream for two years. However, the US government has admitted that it will no longer be able to block the pipeline.

Blinken’s announcement on Friday said that even if the US government remains against Nord Stream 2, it is working with Germany and other allies to reduce the risks the pipeline poses to Ukraine and other countries. Critics see it as Russia’s geopolitical project that threatens Europe’s energy security.

According to the US government, seven people or facilities are now subject to sanctions in connection with Nord Stream 2. The US has classified 17 ships as “prohibited property”. Initially the latest report from the US State Department to Congress was not released.

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