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EM is ecstatic in Great Britain – and draws “Independence Day” – overseas

The number of epidemics in the UK is increasing dramatically. Nevertheless, there will be 60,000 fans at the stadium for the last European Championships. And on July 19 all restrictions are to be lifted.

Despite the rapid increase in the number of epidemics in the UK and warnings from domestic experts, the London government has no objection to the parade of 60,000 football fans at the last European Championships at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday – and wants a week after the end of the tournament, with almost all the Govt.
All existing operations will end on July 19th

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that one must finally learn to “live with the virus”. The British Prime Minister did not want to spoil the good mood that had triggered the victory of the English team among the football fans on the island from the beginning of the match, and he did not believe that he could persuade the majority of his comrades. Follow the locking steps regularly.
On July 19, eight days after the European Championship final, almost all legal restrictions will fall on England …