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USA: Eight die in pile of sandstorm in Utah

Sandstorm in the US state Utah Led to a pile of eight dead. Authorities said storm visibility was reduced to zero on a busy freeway in western Utah. Among the dead were children. Many were brought to nearby hospitals, and at least three were in critical condition.

About 20 vehicles were involved in a series of “collisions” 240 kilometers south of Salt Lake City on Sunday. CNN reported. In the videos recorded by passing motorists, trucks, RVs, cars and trailers are partially surrounded by debris scattered on the roadside.

“Stunned and saddened by horrific accidents”

Authorities say 5 of the dead were in the same vehicle. “One of the vehicles with the trailer was completely destroyed,” a traffic policeman told a local broadcaster CBS. Utah Governor Spencer Cox “shocked and saddened by horrific accidents.”

Sandstorms are normal in very dry and desert conditions. On Sunday, the Meteorological Department warned that winds of up to 80km / h were expected in the area and advised “be careful when traveling through the area.”