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EE exclusively offers Nreal Air AR glasses in the UK

EE exclusively offers Nreal Air AR glasses in the UK

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(Pocket-Lint) – EE confirms to enter a virtual world and launch Nreal Air AR glasses in the UK.

Nreal Air offers a similar design to sunglasses. When the Nreal Nebula is integrated with the smartphone processor, it can provide AR experiences while on the go.

Thanks to EE’s latest 5G connectivity, you can use the 201-inch virtual screen to enjoy content in a whole new way.


Think of Nreal Air as a portable theater where you can enjoy watching games or movies on the big screen in front of you instead of your mobile. Of course you also need a cable connection with your mobile phone.

Inside the Nreal Air glasses are two OLED displays that display content in front of your eyes and two “open” speakers. Instead of putting these in your ears, you hear sound through glasses, so you are not completely isolated.

Of course you can use other accessories, e.g. Gaming controller with your phone – so there are full range of possibilities.

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There are several modes supported by Nreal Air – Air Casting allows you to reflect your phone screen through the mirrors to a much larger view, while MR space mode allows you to go one step further towards mixed reality, for example having large screens in virtual space to open multiple Two things can be seen.

Nreal Air monitors the movements of your head, supports recommended lenses and has a microphone.

What these glasses do not accept is visual input from the environment – there are no cameras, so there is no support for magnified overlays or gesture controls.

EE has announced that prices will be announced shortly before the start of “Later in the spring”. We will try to give you a complete overview of the experience you will receive as soon as possible, but you can express your interest On the EE website to record.

Written by Chris Hall.