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Economy: ROUNDUP / The fight for abortion rights in the USA: Biden for statewide law

Madrid / Washington Biden has criticized the US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion as “obscene” and “destabilizing” – and called on American citizens to vote in congressional elections in November even if they believed the decision was a mistake. This is the only way to change that.

There is currently no federal law in the United States that allows or prohibits abortion. Until now, abortion is allowed at least until the fetus is viable – around the 24th week. This has so far been ensured by a 1973 ruling by the US Supreme Court, known as Roe v. Wade (Raw vs. Wade) is well known. Another ruling from 1992 consolidated and adapted jurisprudence to some extent. However, these decisions were overturned by the Supreme Court a few days ago, paving the way for stricter abortion laws – even outright bans. Abortion is now likely to be severely restricted or prohibited outright in about half of US states.

Biden has already announced that he will do everything in his power to ensure that women have access to abortions. However, his options are limited. Now, Biden said, “We have to embed Roe v. Wade into law. And we can only do that if Congress votes for it.” “And if the disruptor gets in the way of that, it should be like voting rights that we’re exempt from.”

Stalling is a more than 100-year-old regulation that states that for many bills, 60 of the 100 senators must agree to end debate before there can be a vote in a chamber of Congress. However, Biden’s Democrats have only a slim majority in the Senate. They control 50 seats, that is, exactly half of them – so they are regularly slowed down by the deactivator. Democrats have already tried to enshrine the right to abortion in federal law, but have failed on that provision, as they have in other cases.

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In light of the embargo by Republicans, Senate Democrats actually wanted an exception to the obstruction rule in electoral reform. However, two opponents from their ranks voted against: Senator Joe Manchin and Kirsten Senema. Therefore, the chances of success are considered low.

Biden called on voters to cast their ballots in the November elections to change the balance of power in Congress. Biden’s Democrats risk losing their narrow majority in one or both houses of Congress in the election.

When asked in Madrid whether the court’s decision would harm the international image of the United States, Biden said no and stressed that the country was doing well in general. “America is in a better position to lead the world than we have ever been before,” Biden said. The economy, for example, is strong and the inflation rate is lower than anywhere else. The only thing destabilizing is the blatant behavior of the US Supreme Court.”