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EA Sports NHL 24: Officially Announced and these new features are waiting for you

EA Sports NHL 24: Officially Announced and these new features are waiting for you

NHL 24 is official. After introducing cover athlete Cale Makar on Monday, EA has now announced the new date, platforms, and features for the next installment in the Ice Hockey series.

Electronic Arts has already confirmed the next installment in the ice hockey series with NHL 24 on Monday. This year’s cover athlete will be Colorado Avalanche defender Cal McCarr, who will grace the cover of both the Regular Edition and the X-Factor Edition. Now more details about NHL 24 have been announced.

Accordingly, NHL 24 will be released again for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is set to release on October 6th. A three-day early access period will be available, along with a number of pre-order bonuses:

EA Sports NHL 24 Standard Edition:

  • HUT Power Up Icon Pick Pack
  • WOC Battle Pass XP modifiers (x2)

EA SPORTS™ NHL 24 X Factor Edition:

  • HUT Team Building Player Pick Pack
  • Double entitlement
  • 3 days early access
  • 4,600 NHL points
  • Exclusive Cale Makar player item
  • HUT Power Up Icon Pick Pack
  • WOC Battle Pass XP modifiers (x5)

NHL 24 is again based on the Frostbite engine and should offer cross-play within the respective generations (i.e. PS4 with Xbox One and PS5 with Xbox Series X/S). As an innovation, CHEL’s seasonal pass appears, EASHL is to be revised and CHEL’s store universe is expanded. So obviously EA wants to make a few bucks apart from the HUT and the game itself. There was no mention of revising the classic single modes like GM or Be A Pro when it was announced – so it appears that the modes keep forming.

After all, a lot has to happen on the ice. A new exhaust engine has been engineered to accurately map goalkeeper fatigue and recovery. Goalkeepers get tired when they are under pressure, for example when they are outnumbered, when they have too many curled shots or passes. On the other hand, there is relaxation in the case of parades, bullying, or time-outs. An augmented reality snowboard show should make this clear. For example, one of the effects of fatigue may be that the goalkeeper will allow more rebounds when under pressure.

The new Sustain Pressing system is designed to do the same for the entire team. This means that you can now put pressure on the opposing team, for example by owning the puck, overplaying, taking shots or checking. The pressure builds when you’re stuck in the opposite third, which takes focus and stamina out of defense. On the other hand, playing the disc from the third element is one of the stress-reducing elements.

NHL 24 also gets a new physics system for body checks with a greater impact on the player being checked, there are improved animations and a new hip check. In addition, there’s been an extensive overhaul of controller customization, particularly for passes, skill moves and one-touch passes, goalkeeper controls have also been revised and there’s a new goalkeeper instinct system that lets you ‘guess’ where an opponent will shoot. tweak.

There are more revisions to the presentation in the form of new effects, cameras, and animations, as well as more action from the audience. There’s a female commentator now on board for Cheryl Pounders. Pounders has won a total of eight world championships and Olympic gold medals with the Canadian women’s national team.

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NHL 24 is now officially presented and the trailer shows you what you can expect in the new installment of the series in terms of gameplay changes.