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Artificial intelligence: Google now reads websites for you

Artificial intelligence: Google now reads websites for you

Google Search is getting an AI boost.


Google search itself is becoming increasingly associated with artificial intelligence. Now AI can read and summarize websites for you.

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  • Google search is powered by artificial intelligence.
  • It is now possible to get texts on websites summarized by Google AI.
  • Rival Microsoft has been offering a similar feature since May.

Google is expanding the integration of artificial intelligence into its search functionality. Google was caught off guard by the relatively sudden rise of chatbots like ChatGPT last year and has been trying to catch up ever since. Initially, they launched their own chatbot, Bard, but the company’s core product, the search functionality, is now being enhanced with AI.

There is a new feature called “SGE while browsing” and it’s initially available in the Google apps for iOS and Android in the USA. Google watches you while you browse, so you have to trust the tech giant a lot to use it. But Google promises a lot of time savings.

Microsoft can actually do that

Because the feature is able to summarize the content of a website, for example a particularly long article, in bullet points if desired. Users must quickly get the gist of the text and can save themselves from tedious reading.

However, as is often the case lately, Google got ahead here. Its Bing search is enriched with technology from the ChatGPT OpenAI engine and offers a comparable summary feature since May.