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E3 2021: PC Game Show - live stream from verfolgen

E3 2021: PC Game Show – live stream from verfolgen

E3 2021

At E3 2021, the PC game show is here again and you can catch up on it with us. You can watch the live stream of the PC game event here.

PC Gamer and GamesRadar in the US invite you to a joint show at E3 2021. We’ll tell you the date. (Source: PC Gamer / GamesRadar)

  • PC Gamer and GamesRadar invite you to the joint event.
  • We’ll tell you how you can watch the live broadcast and when the show takes place.
  • You should receive new information on trailers, games and advertisements.

COVID-19 is still taking over the world. That’s why the game fair is being held E3 2021 Only online. The American game magazines GamesRadar and PC Gamer are present and invite you to view joint PC games. We’ll tell you the date and tell you how you can watch the live broadcast.

How computer games Advertise on the website, the show will take place on June 13, 11:30 p.m. German time instead of.

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New games, trailers, and ads will be featured in the 90-minute show. You can watch the live broadcast via Youtube Such as Twitch follow on.


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