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Two Point Campus - Komposition

Two Point Campus: Future Games Show presents the first game materials with comments from developers – ntower

After waiting for an announcement Two Point Campus In the Microsoft Store and the official presentation at Summer Game Fest, there is now the following news about the upcoming simulation from Two Point Studios. As part of the Future Games Show – apart from the promotional announcement – a two-minute video clip was released for the first time game material Illustrated by Two Point Campus. This was done by Developer Comments From the British development studio, which revealed some new information and focused on the experience gained in developing the new game Two Point Hospital Straight.

In Two Point Campus, the player is given a free-standing plot of land, but not a crazy hospital as in Two Point Hospital, but University It comes out of the ground according to your desires. In general, the simulation contains a file Freedom and creativity At the top, because in addition to buildings, teacher recruitment and general organization, players can also do this Terrain from your own university according to own ideas الأفكار Decorate with lots of fun activities, footpaths, fences or even entire gardens – always for the benefit of your future students, of course.

at Register for the newsletter You will also receive an exclusive Two Point Campus item at launch. the two minutes Trailer for a movie Including game materials can be found here:

Two Point Campus will appear in the Nintendo eShop over the next year, and will likely also be available as a retail version of the Nintendo Switch. Did the previous screenshots and trailers increase your anticipation of the simulation?