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Disturbed while searching for food: Security guard survives bear attack in hotel kitchen

Disturbed while searching for food: Security guard survives bear attack in hotel kitchen

At the Aspen winter sports resort, a grizzly searching for food in the kitchen of the luxury resort hotel “St. Regis” breaks in. When the security guard checks, the bear attacks.

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  • In the kitchen of a hotel in the Aspen ski resort in the United States, a security guard surprises a grizzly looking for food.
  • CCTV footage showed the bear attacking the man, but fortunately he was only slightly injured.
  • The Environment Agency traces the animal and euthanizes it.

Between 17,000 and 20,000 bears live in the area surrounding the winter sports hotspot of Aspen, Colorado. It is not unusual for them to venture close to settlements in search of food in preparation for hibernation. A grizzly animal can break into a hotel kitchen – and that’s what happened at the luxury St. Louis hotel. Regis.”

Footage from the surveillance camera shows the bear wandering into the kitchen and looking around quietly. When the security guard checks everything, he doesn’t notice the animal in the next room at first. The bear attacks him at full speed, stands up, and pushes him to the ground with both feet. The man immediately gets up and stumbles. The bear moves in the other direction.

According to a news release from Colorado Parks & Wildlife CPW, the ranger was taken to a nearby hospital, treated for abrasions and released the day after the attack.

Authorities track down the bear and euthanize it

According to the agency, wildlife officials tracked down the bear shortly after the attack, captured it and euthanized it. The bear was clearly identified by a white spot on its chest.

“This incident is a reminder that bears are still active and preparing to hibernate. It is everyone’s responsibility to provide space for wildlife and remember to beware of bears at all times,” a CPW spokesperson said.

There have also been serious encounters with predators in Europe recently. A 14-year-old boy in Sweden saved his father from a bear attack with his fists. in spring A brown bear killed a runner In Trentino. Two more runners were attacked by a brown bear in Slovakia. One of them was slightly injured.