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Disrupted Supply Chains - Stalled Infrastructure in the US | - News

Disrupted Supply Chains – Stalled Infrastructure in the US | – News

Broadcasting: Background NDR information | 11/17/2021 | 8:33 PM | by Marcus Schuler

15 minutes
| Available until 17 November 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global supply chains. Nowhere is this more evident than on the West Coast of the United States. Dozens of container ships wait each day for their cargo to be unloaded at ports on the California coast.

The just-in-time trading also stops in the USA. This is not just because of the epidemic. Very little was invested in ports, roads, and railways.

Container warehousing is not just a symbol of a wobbly global “just in time trade model” that has worked so well for decades and is suddenly called into question. Experts see the US economy at risk and fear an increase in inflation due to rising transportation costs. Container storage also illustrates the faltering transportation infrastructure in many regions of the USA. The fact that containers are very slow to unload and that goods are slowly distributed across the country is also due to congested roads and lack of railways.

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Traffic jam in the Port of Los Angeles:

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