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Disney + launches first UK domestic products

Disney presented its first domestic products from Great Britain this week. They should definitely launch internationally with a streaming service called Disney +. One of the models will run under the Disney banner, while the other two stars will land on the star. However, there are no definite start dates, pictures or even trailers at this early stage.

The 18th century adventure series “The Ballad of Renegade Paddy” will appear under the Disney brand. Here is the author Sally Weinwright (“Happy Fence”). The plot revolves around a woman named Nell Jackson who is charged with murder. He escapes with his two sisters and quickly goes to the wrong side of the law, but also finds a large conspiracy to pervade the English royal family.

The new star is supposed to be an exciting series with the original “Culbrides” black comedy, followed by filmmaker Jay. Plexon (“I Care a Lot”). Here, after a robbery, those involved break up, but then everyone is targeted by a killer. This was followed by Emma Moran’s comedy series “Extraordinary”. It revolves around a woman named Zen, who grew up in a world where all the superpowers in the human race – except herself.

I’m interested because I currently have subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix, but I use Disney + very sparingly, so I will cancel in 2022. Of the new interior products, “Extraordinary” is the most interesting to me. Let’s see what is done with the comments at the end.

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