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After the death of Adam Toledo – Mayor of Chicago insists on patience

A 13-year-old boy has been shot dead during a police operation in Chicago after several police violence cases against black people. U.S. City Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls on people to calm down.

The “confusing” record of the death of a 13-year-old Latin boy shot dead by police in the street has sparked heated debate in the United States. From the police Chicago On Thursday video footage of the incident was released, known as the body game of a police officer involved. How Adam Toledo runs away from police officers in the early hours of March 29, stops, and raises his hands – this time he is hit in the chest with a bullet. According to the prosecutor’s office, the 13-year-old was armed – but could not be seen in the video recordings.

U.S. media reported that police action followed reports of a shooting in the area. Toledo and the 21-year-old fled from approaching police officers.

Myers: “The city is in shock”

U.S. Metropolitan Mayor Lori Lightfood on Thursday urged citizens to wait for the outcome of an investigation into the incident. “We live in a city with a long history Police violence The anger and anguish over the shooting death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo by a police officer in late March is understandable.

Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot: He has called for the results of the investigation to wait. (Source: Ashley Resin via Garcia / Chicago Sun-Times via AP / AP / dpa)

Police violence has long been hotly debated in the United States, especially in relation to racist allegations. Currently operating in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the murder of an African American George Floyd The case of white ex-guard Derek Suev.

Floyd’s family lawyer called the footage of the assassination of Adam Toledo “terrifying and shocking.” Ben Crump wrote on Twitter that they had once again shown that the police force in the United States needed to be reformed.

A policewoman was shot dead last Sunday Brooklyn The center in northern Minneapolis spotted a 20-year-old black man at a traffic stop. As a result of this incident, protests arose under the motto “Black Lives Matter” (in German: “Number of Black Lives”), some of which led to riots. According to several media reports, the murdered teenager Adam Toledo was not an African American, but a Latin American.