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"Did the pilot drink?"  Trauffer has a moment of shock on the plane

“Did the pilot drink?” Trauffer has a moment of shock on the plane

Accent rocker Trauffer heads to Düsseldorf (DE). Bernese Oberlander experiences a shocking moment on board.

Traover wonders about his pilot. Instagram /trauffer_official


The basics in brief

  • Traufer travels by plane from Zurich to Germany.
  • The singer gets angry for a while during the flight.

for Photography “The Masked Singer Switzerland”. Accent rocker Trauffer (43) flies from Zurich to Düsseldorf (DE).

The trip is going smoothly Bernese Oberland but not. Because: The pilot is clearly not fully focused.

‘It’s so cloudy…ah, windy.’ Windy, I wanted to say, “stutters at the passenger announcement.

the singer He looked worried at the camera and joked: “Honestly, if the pilot didn’t know the difference between windy and cloudy…would he drink Negroni too?”

Fortunately, the translator of “Müeh mit de Chüeh” ended up on German soil for about an hour and a half. without any other accidents.

Are you afraid of flying?

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