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The winners of the “Bachelor” show, Yuri and Yulia, broke up

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The winners of the “Bachelor” show, Yuri and Yulia, broke up

It all seemed like a happy relationship, and the couple even wanted to get married – but compared to “20 Minutes,” the two are now assured that nothing’s going to happen.


The dream couple ceased to be: Yulia Penza and Yuri Natalie broke up.

Only four months ago it all seemed like a television dream come true: Yulia Penza (28 years old) gave Yuri Natalie (27) the last remaining rose, and soon after that he asked for her hand in front of the camera. The relationship has now come to an abrupt end. Opposite “20 minutes” The Bachelorette confirmed the end.

She explained that she still didn’t quite believe it, but said, “Yeah, we broke up.” Ultimately, when it comes to the emotional proposition, it probably still fits, Benza continues. At that time she accepted him “with joy and with a clear conscience”. By the way, the decision to go separate ways in the future was addressed to Natale – according to the newspaper, hurtful judgments were also made, while Benza did not want to go into details. She simply said, “The break-up is a private thing that we will agree on among ourselves once the tense mood has subsided.”

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