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Did Queen Elizabeth hid in the congratulatory message Meghan?

Did Queen Elizabeth hid in the congratulatory message Meghan?

Queen Elizabeth congratulated Meghan Markle on her fortieth birthday. I did this via Twitter. There is a hidden message in the royal family post.

The basics in brief

  • Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday on Wednesday.
  • The Queen, Kate and William congratulated Meghan on Twitter.
  • There is even a secret message in the Queen’s contribution.

Meghan Marklewife Prince HarryCelebrated on Wednesday her fortieth birthday. She was showered with congratulations! So does Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton And Prince William Take the opportunity to congratulate Megan.

Congratulations with beautiful pictures

They did all this in public Twitter-Post office. The Queen used three photos of Meghan. On All three shots The 40-year-old happily pops into the camera.

Kate and William decided to paint a portrait of Megan, which appears with a string of flowers on the beach in Hawaii.

but harmless TwitterThe Queen’s contribution includes a hidden message. before the real decorated congratulations Contribute red balloon. a emojiIt has a very special meaning.

Do you want Queen Elizabeth make-up?

According to, the balloon is mainly used for apologies. They mean something like “I made a mistake, do we want to make up for it again?”

Whether Queen Elizabeth realizes its importance remains open. But one thing is for sure: Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the British royal family has suffered a lot in the recent past.

This difficult relationship is based not least on accusations of racism that the couple shared in a TV interview Oprah Winfrey have expressed.

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