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Der Bergdoktor: Lilli finally draws the line – is there a way out now?

“Lily, I said we’ll talk again,” he greets her. Lily isn’t excited, but agrees to a conversation. “I want to do better this time,” said Robert. “I want to listen to you, support you in your plans, just be there for you.”

“It doesn’t work,” Lillis replied harshly. “Robert, life has evolved. I’m doing an internship at the clinic now. I’ve finally met my mom’s family. My head is full of new impressions, and there’s just no space.” Robert does not want to rush things either, Lily must live her life the way she wants. Not an option for her either, she reminds him how he treated her, “that you manipulated me, that I work in your shop, and that I have left my father’s practice. You never cared about what I wanted.”

The message reaches Robert: “So that’s it?” With that Gruberhof leaves. Is this also the end of the series? One can only speculate about that. According to his agency, actor Robert Timon Ballenberger also has an ongoing role in “Der Bergdoktor” this season. And even from ZDF circles, the exit is not confirmed. If you want to know what’s going on, you have to tune in regularly.

“Der Bergdoktor” runs every Thursday at 8:15pm on ZDF. Each episode a week ago in the media library to get rid of them.