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King Charles III: The real reason for his silence

“Fear a bitter battle”

Despite this, many still hope that King Charles III. consequences and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan cancel their titles Or even invite them from his coronation. Others await longingly for an official statement from the king – so far in vain. Here, a royal expert wants the cause of King Charles III. You know silence well.

In one of his recent Daily Mail columns, Tom Power claims he was recently invited to Clarence House for a private dinner by the 74-year-old and his wife, Camilla. Here is King Charles III. He commented on why he avoided speaking publicly about his son’s allegations:

In the face of numerous slanders, leaks and provocations, Charles betrayed one of his greatest weaknesses: an innate reluctance to confront personal problems head on. Instead of fighting for an important principle, betrayal too Charles preferred to his guests to avoid bitter fighting

Even the trellis.

Instead of publicly defending himself against Prince Harry’s allegations, King Charles III continues to be suspected. He strives for reconciliation and is also willing to admit mistakes…

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