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Dependence on Russian gas: Germany's energy transition

Dependence on Russian gas: Germany’s energy transition

A hydraulic fracturing facility in Springville, Pennsylvania, in the eastern United States
Photo: AP

Germany has made itself dependent on Russian gas and is again dependent on America for help in times of need. He used to demonize American crack gas as an environmental sin.

aWhen US President Donald Trump attacked Germany at the 2018 NATO summit for making itself entirely dependent on Russia for energy supplies, Chancellor Angela Merkel responded with condescending arrogance. Their diplomats propagated the hypothesis that the Americans just wanted to get rid of fracking gas.

That was treacherous. American presidents, regardless of their political convictions, opposed Russian gas supplies to Germany long before the United States began exporting liquefied natural gas in 2016.

Today, Germany is once again dependent on being besieged by America. Of all things, it is the plea for fracking gas that two of the three ruling parties have labeled an irresponsible climate poison at politically convenient times. The world is learning that Germany has not only outsourced its military security.