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DeepCool introduces the LS and LS White AIO cooling series

Lord 2021With the LS and LS White series, DeepCool introduces new AiO cooling systems. It should combine high performance with an eye-catching modern look.

The manufacturer uses the new fourth generation of the DeepCool water pump design. The pump is driven by a three-phase motor with a speed of 3100 rpm. The improved micro-channel scheme is designed to improve the flow of coolant in the coolant. The pump cover displays two rings of light in an infinity mirror design. Glossy front panel can be rotated. The second panel attached can be designed with your own design.

DeepCool offers DeepCool FC120 internal fans, which are said to be designed for use with radiators. It operates from 500 to 2250 rpm. Special cable system ensures more demand. The fans are also lit with A-RGB LEDs, just like the pump housing. The lighting can be controlled via a 5 VA RGB connector from a suitable motherboard. DeepCool manufactures aluminum chain radiators.

The smallest model in the LS series is the LS320 with a 120mm radiator. The LS520 provides a 240mm radiator and the LS720 has a 360mm radiator. The LS520 WH and LS720 WH offer the same functionality as the LS520 and LS720, but they are all white.

Supported CPU sockets vary by model. The LS320 mini is compatible with AMD AM5 and AM4 and with Intel LGA2066, 2011-v3, 2011, 1700, 1200, 1151, 1150 and 1155. The LS520/LS520 WH AMD sTRX4/sTR4 is also supported. DeepCool offers a five-year warranty on all models in the LS Series.

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LS Series sales are scheduled to begin July 15. The white LS WH models, on the other hand, should be available from August 25th. DeepCool has not yet provided any pricing information.