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Ms. Jordan equals again: Catherine Bauerfind is back at ProSieben

Ms. Jordan equals again: Catherine Bauerfind is back at ProSieben

– Mrs. Jordan Leaves

On Tuesday it’s time again: “Mrs. Jordan is the same” finally enters season three on free TV. In doing so, she has to face some new challenges.

Katrin Bauerfeind is back as "Mrs. Jordan" Back to free TV.

Catherine Beorfind returns to Free TV as “Frau Jordan”. (Source:

  • Catherine Burvind has started a new job as ‘Mrs. Jordan’, but it is still the same.
  • Free TV broadcasts of the new episodes begin on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.
  • In the third season of the series “Mrs.

in the third season”Ms. Jordan is worth“It’s about sexual harassment in the workplace, fat women in ads, corruption, black shaming and more. Catherine Burfind, aka Eva Jordan, has started a new job at an advertising agency.

New post for “Miss Jordan”

But the old fellows in town are still there. Her former subordinate Philip is accused of sexual harassment and Rinat, as the new boss, cannot make her voice heard.

Back to the old workplace

Even Eva finds it hard to get used to. With things not going as expected at the ad agency, Eva Jordan is toying with the idea of ​​a comeback. But her rival, Mrs. Sommerfield, knows how to prevent that.

From the pen of “Stromberg” creator Haussmann

The 10 new episodes of Season 3, “Miss Jordan Same”, will air weekly in double episodes starting Tuesday at 10:35 PM. ProSieben. in Gwen You can watch the series in the stream. As it works this timeStrombergDirector Ralph Hausmann again as presenter and lead writer.

Mrs. Jordan puts the same rate
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The first broadcast in Germany


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