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Dark Souls Remastered: Die Server sind nach neun Monaten wieder online

Dark Souls Remastered: Servers are back online after nine months

Photo: Bandai Namco

After the servers of all Dark Souls games went offline in January 2022 due to a serious security vulnerability, Dark Souls Remastered, another representative of the series, can now be played online again. Except for the original Dark Souls 2 and the original Dark Souls 1, which will remain offline permanently.

Remastered is back online, Prepare to Die is still offline

Developer From Software announced this a few weeks ago when the servers for Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin became available again. It is the full version revised with DirectX 11 API, which bundles the main game with all the DLC and some balancing changes. Dark Souls 2 Original will be playable online again at a later time, while Dark Souls 1 Prepare-to-Die Edition will be canceled from 2012 due to “outdated systemAlways stay closed.

The only way to play the role online is now Dark Souls Remastered from 2018. However, the developer hasn’t revealed why it took nine months to bridge the security gap – especially since the same issue happens with Dark Souls 3 and was fixed a few months ago: it was the smallest branch of the series Playable online again at the end of August 2022, after From Software already announced at the end of May that it will gradually bring its servers back online.

Players can hunt foreign players again

Although Dark Souls games are not classic multiplayer games, online components have an essential function. In games, other players can leave helpful or misleading clues. In addition, other players can be called on to help – or be harassed: players can conquer the game world of strangers and go there in search of the owner of the game. What all of these options have in common is that they are completely optional – all parts of Dark Souls can also be completed in single player mode – but the online components contribute greatly to the typical Dark Souls atmosphere.