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Activision believes an anti-toxic behavior tool is essential

Activision believes an anti-toxic behavior tool is essential

From Sarah Petzold
Activision Blizzard has introduced a new anti-toxic behavior tool for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will take effect with the release of Warzone 2.0. According to the publisher, this tool should be the basis for proper measures in all future Call of Duty titles.

Toxic behavior in online shooting games has become as much of an issue as cheating – and Activision Blizzard knows that, too. Accordingly, the publisher is doing everything in its power to make life difficult for toxic gamers. According to Activision, the new tool that will be rolled out with the release of Warzone 2.0 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will form the basis for this.

Players will now be able to provide more context when reporting toxic behavior

The developers presented the corresponding features in a separate blog post and described it as “essential to all future Call of Duty titles”. The new system should give players more opportunities to report aggressive and toxic behaviour. On the other hand, the moderators team should be given the ability to completely exclude toxic players from certain features such as voice or text chat.

In order to better categorize reports of toxic behavior and to be able to respond appropriately, in the future moderators will receive additional context for the incident in question via the new reporting feature. Specifically, the blog post says:

“We know in-game situations don’t always go according to plan, so our reporting system now allows players to add context to their reports. This optional dialog allows players to tell us more about the current situation. This, in turn, along with the overhaul, puts The foundation for the third pillar of the Call of Duty Code of Conduct, “Take care” by giving players more tools to report any form of abusive or inappropriate behavior.”

Players can then provide more specific information about the report and select individual options such as insults in voice or text chat directly. A separate window is also available for additional details about the report. As mentioned earlier, the new feature will be available in Modern Warfare 2 from November 16, 2022 with the release of Warzone 2.0.

source: Activision Blizzard (Across Computer game enthusiasts)