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Current NASA Missions 2023: All information about the upcoming Falcon 9 launch

Current NASA Missions 2023: All information about the upcoming Falcon 9 launch

Here at we keep you up to date with the latest information about upcoming and completed rocket launches and NASA missions. Here you can find out which manned and uncrewed space missions have started, are about to happen and which mission the Falcon 9 will be running.

The missile is currently being launched Image: Adobe Stock/alexyz3d

When is the next Falcon 9 launch date?

The next start time window for a file Falcon 9 It is currently Friday, April 7, 2023. The rocket is scheduled to begin its journey into space between 4:29 am and 7:17 am.

condition: Official confirmation still pending – current date known with some certainty.

launch service provider Falcon 9 he SpaceX. This is a commercial service provider.

more this link You can use Google Maps to see where the rocket is currently and awaiting launch. The location is Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, more precisely: Space Launch Complex 40. A total of 881 flights have taken off from here and 33 landings have been recorded. The selected site currently has a total of 175 launches completed. Find out more information about the site here.

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What is the Falcon 9 mission?

The Falcon 9 flight is a flight of space Internet communications systems.

Intelsat 40e is an advanced geostationary satellite that will provide high-throughput coast-to-coast services to Intelsat government and corporate customers in North and Central America. The satellite capabilities will support the growing number of customers who rely on Intelsat managed services and solutions to seamlessly integrate satellite into their overall network and communications strategies.

On board the Intelsat 40e satellite is NASA’s Tropospheric Emissions Project: Pollution Monitoring (TEMPO), a geological instrument that monitors air pollution over North America in unprecedented detail.

Falcon 9 begins its mission Geostationary transfer orbit. A geotransfer orbit is an orbit around the Earth in which satellites are placed by launch vehicles in order to finally reach a geostationary orbit.

All information about Falcon 9 Block 5 | Intel sat 40e In a glance:

rocket Falcon 9
full name Falcon 9 Block 5
Launch the service provider SpaceX
Task name Intel sat 40e
task type Journey of satellite internet communication systems
start time 04/07/2023
orbit Geostationary transfer orbit
condition Certain
nation United States of America
location Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA

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