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The financial director comes to Geneva – Maude was surprised

Geneva: Modi did surprisingly well in the Geneva elections

Former Geneva State Councilor Pierre Maudy is stirring up the Geneva elections with his new “Freedom and Social Justice” list. According to preliminary results, his movement won ten seats in the cantonal parliament immediately. Maoud ranks fifth in the government council elections.


Chief Financial Officer Nathalie Fontanet and the three former State Counselors in the Geneva government elections. Former state councilor Pierre Maude is about to return.

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  • The seven-member government was elected in the canton of Geneva.
  • The top five so far are Nathalie Fontanet (FDP), Thierry Aprothéloz (SP), Anne Hiltpolt (FDP) and Pierre Maudet (FDP).
  • According to the interim results, no one will get the absolute majority.

In the first round of the Geneva government elections on Sunday, no candidate was elected. Chief Financial Officer Natalie Fontanet and the three former state counselors came out of the case pretty well. Former State Councilor Pierre Maude caused surprise.

In Geneva, former State Counselor Pierre Maudi appears to be back.

KEYSTONE / Salvatore De Nolfi

23 candidates ran for the seven seats in the cantonal government. According to partial results, FDP politician Fontanet took first place with 46,851 votes, missing only an absolute majority. The Social Democratic Council of State follows Thierry Abouthelouz with 36,020 votes.

Freisinnige Anne Hiltpold capitalized on her party colleague’s good result and finished third with 33,448 votes. On her heels was Green Chancellor Antonio Hodgers (33,356 votes), who has a good chance of a third term.

Maudt talks about “rehabilitation”

How Pierre Maude fared on the first ballot was one of the biggest unknowns. The failed former State Councilor reached the prestigious fifth place (30,108 votes). In doing so, he preserved his chances on the second ballot, although he could only rely on his own strength to return to the executive branch.

Maudt was pleased with his personal result on Sunday afternoon. Above all, he sees “collective progress” for which all activists have to thank. “This result is a form of rehabilitation, but it is also a drive for Geneva,” he said.

The 45-year-old Maudet resigned from the State Council at the end of October 2020 after an affair over a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi in 2015. According to a ruling by the Federal Supreme Court at the end of October 2022, Maudet was guilty of accepting benefits during this trip and visiting a Formula 1 Grand Prix Prix.

Economy Minister Fabian Fischer (Green Party) finished sixth, with 29,521 votes. Maaudit succeeded in a by-election in 2021. She could afford a large legal coalition on the second ballot, as did Social Democrat Carol Ann Cast, who placed seventh (29,490 votes).

General Electric cantonal elections: this is how Pierre Maude was received in Geneva

Former Geneva State Councilor Pierre Maudy is stirring up the Geneva elections with his new “Freedom and Social Justice” list.


The SVP and MCG want a civilian alliance

The senior vice-president, who had recovered by his growth in the great council, called for the right of union to elect one of its own nominees. National Councilor Celine Amaudroz and National Councilor Eve Nidger do not rule out running on the second ballot.

It remains to be seen how Die Mitte, who has always refused to approach SVP, will behave. Your two nominees, Delphine Bachmann and Xavier Magnin, are ninth and eleventh, respectively.

The populist right-wing MCG threatens to screw things up. The group, which justified its success by its anti-border position and was said to be dead, has seen a resurgence. Its candidate was Philip Morel VIII. The movement is calling for a great unification of the right in the second ballot.

The seven-member State Council currently consists of two from the SP, two from the Greens and one member each from the FDP, Mitte and MCG.

Promote rights in parliament

With his new party “Libertés et Justice sociale” (Freedom and Social Justice), Modi also stirred up parliamentary elections. The movement immediately captured ten out of the 100 seats in the Great Council. The MCG, the first party in Geneva to declare that it is neither left nor right, won 14 (+3) seats. The second-biggest winner in the election was the Senior Vice President, who won 13 (+5) seats, a record since entering the Geneva legislature in 2001.

With 22 seats, the FDP remains the strongest party in the canton of Geneva. However, it lost 6 seats, its worst result since the merger of the Liberal and Radical parties in 2011. The center fell 3 seats to 9, just above the electoral threshold of 7 percent of the vote. The Green Liberals missed the quorum, with 6.37 percent of the vote.

On the left, the Socialist Party and the Green Party were able to defend their seats. They hold 17 and 15 seats respectively in Parliament. As expected, the ultra-left, which had broken away, was expelled from the Grand Council, where it had 9 deputies. The Ensemble à Gauche received 3.44% of the vote and the Liste d’Union populaire received 2.98%.

The right-wing majority in the Grand Council thus increased from 59 to 68 deputies, including the MCG and Maudet’s Libertés et Justice Sociale.

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